Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy at The Islay Hotel

Protecting our Beautiful Environment

Here at The Islay Hotel we strive to limit our impact on the environment and support the Island community where ever possible. As a hotel we aim to manage our operation and activities in line with environmental laws, regulations, licences and other commitments to which we subscribe.

The hotel itself is heated throughout with ground source heating, with individual thermostats in every room as well as low energy light bulbs and dimmer switches also in every room. As a hotel we aim to reduce the consumption of fuel, energy and water whenever practically possible such as offering renewal of towels on demand as opposed to daily.

In our bar and restaurant we take pride in serving a vast range of whiskies from the local distilleries as well as beers from ‘Islay Ales’. We support local produce from Islay such as chocolates, marmalades and preserves, meat, dairy and fishermen on the Island as well as great produce from the rest of Scotland and the UK. Our kitchen is solely electrical with induction hobs which limit waste of fuels and excess heating.

We aim to recycle as much of our glass (brown, green and clear), paper, cardboard, organic and non-organic waste as possible. As a team our staff are aware of environmental efforts and receive regular instruction, information and training on relevant environmental issues.


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